Live liveCode code event #4

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Dec 16 20:42:38 EST 2010

Hello you weird people

We return for a last time this year, with David Bovill, as well as Chris Innanen, doing presentations. If there's enough time, I'll add a Q&A session, if you want to, you might assemble random questions for that. Furthermore, please be very sad that there'll be a pause after this event, because Nr. 5 is planned for the 8th January, giving everyone a deserved break.

Unfortunately David did not tell me what he's planning (up to now), so I guess it'll be a surprise for everyone. He will be doing the first half hour (or a time period resembling that) on his channel:

Chris will be showing how to use LiveCode for one-off, rapidly thrown together tools for everyday data manipulation and automation. For example scraping a web site, converting a DVD or managing makfiles. Topics will include text manipulation, process handling and shell commands. Watch him during the second half hour (approximation) here:

Random BvG questioning might then happen, or not, depending on time:

Please vote on your preferred days, if Saturday is not among your participating days:

Join us this Saturday:
Zurich: 20:00
Buenos Aires: 16:00
New York:  14:00 
San Francisco: 11:00
Sydney: 06:00

Make sure to us chatRev during the happening, because all the cool kids do:
go stack URL ""

Have fun

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