Crash the IDE Easter Egg

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Wed Dec 15 12:45:18 EST 2010

I'll reset to defaults and see what happens. Thanks.

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--- On Wed, 12/15/10, Walt Brown <walter.h.brown at> wrote:
> I have entered bug 9245 for this for
> 4.5.2 on x64 Vista. If anyone has the
> bandwidth (its very fast to check) is this repeatable in other 
> environments?
> Thanks, Walt
> 1. Go into menu -> Edit -> Preferences.
> 2. Select Files & Memory
> 3. Click on the ellipsis button after User Extensions 4. Hit Cancel in 
> the popup window 5. Select any other category of Preferences
> This crashes the IDE every time and has been 100% repeatable.

Works for me on Windows 7 - maybe your preferences file is somehow

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