LiveCode for Windows has stopped working

Ray Horsley ray at
Wed Dec 15 07:25:16 EST 2010


I have a stack of 4 cards.  One of them has a single field with a single
line of text.  The other three have three fields each with htmlText showing
an image.  For example:


If I go through the cards quickly LiveCode crashes with the above error
(subject of this email).  I have no card or stack scripts.  I've tried
inserting flushEvents("all") in various locations but with no luck.  This
crash happens on both Mac and Windows.  If I remove any one of the cards it
no longer crashes.  I test this by holding down the control (command on Mac)
and 3 keys to move as quickly as possible through the cards, although
clicking a 'Next Cd' type of button also crashes LiveCode.

Ideas or suggestions?


Ray Horsley
LinkIt! Software

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