OT: Problems with Inserting Odd Characters into PostGreSQL

Web Admin Himalayan Academy katir at hindu.org
Tue Dec 14 16:40:13 EST 2010

  On 12/14/10 2:30 AM, Trevor DeVore wrote:
> Personally I configure PostgreSQL to use UTF-8. I then encode any strings I
> insert and decode any strings I get out.
I checked on our server and I have all the databases set for UTF-8...

I'll try some tests... using uniEncode.

I presume this needs to be done for all strings. What I don't understand 
is what happens when you decode the data on the way out and pass it to, e.g.

<p> [some decoded string, with a smart quote or mDash or German umlaut]</p>

  what will happen. But that's not a Live Code issue.  if the encoding 
for the page is UTF-8 also, then maybe you don't have to decode at all?

We will see, but this is a live web app and I'm nervous about breaking 
it. ( I know.. "don't you have a test environment?" ... no I don't...)


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