Set Angle Bug?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Dec 14 16:33:48 EST 2010

On 12/14/10 1:56 PM, Richmond wrote:
> This one is a real truckload of old "Sh";
> Imported an image that was 111 * 86 pixels; blew it up to 165 * 126
> (i.e. about 1 and a half times the original size); locked it . . .
> set the angle of img "MG" to 30
> the image is rotated by 30 degrees, but the 'frame' of 165 * 126 pixels
> is not;
> the image resizing so that its points fit within the 'frame'.
> set the angle of img "MG" to 0
> derotated the image and returned it to its original size.
> Perhaps the most telling experiment was when I did this:
> set the angle of img "MG" to 90
> the whole image, being rotated 90 degrees was distorted to fit within
> the 'frame'; the effect being that the pictorial content was both
> squeezed and stretched.
> Needless to point out; that with the image at its original size, none of
> these
> probelms arise.

Normal behavior. If the image is locked, it is prevented from redrawing 
its frame, so the image resizes inside the frame instead. To get the 
behavior you want, unlock the image, rotate, resize, relock. It happens 
pretty fast, but you'll need to check whether you also need to lock the 

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