LiveCode and facebook (preview)

Harald Müller harald at
Tue Dec 14 12:32:42 EST 2010

Hi all.

Facebook for iPhone now works (for me) but is still dirty coded and not
well documented. But if you want to take a first look and play around, feel
free to download an early version via web:

user: runrev
password: havefun

You will have to build an application at facebook (don't be afraid, this is
only a placeholder to get a unique ID which is needed). Done in minutes.

The code is placed in the card script, it uses Mark Smith JSON-functions
which are placed into the stacks script. When you have your Application ID
and "secret" from facebook, add it to the card script and it should work.

It would be nice to get feedback. Also it would be VERY cool to have some
more translations for the status messages. I will continue with this attempt,
so if you have additions or corrections: You're welcome. Have fun, hope it
will work for you.

Best regards,

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