Various newbie doubts about LiveCode

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi glpunzi at
Tue Dec 14 03:35:11 EST 2010

Thanks a lot for all your experiences.

Was very helpfull to me ;)


On Tuesday 14 December 2010 04:11:29 RunRevPlanet wrote:
> Hi Giuseppe,
> While it is not a database application, the Mac OS X version of the
> software at this site:
> is 100% LiveCode and was developed with a fraction of the code required
> for the Windows version (that was developed in Delphi).
> It is not be the same type of SQL business application you are thinking
> of, but it is an example of "shrink wrap" style software built with
> LiveCode, in contrast to in-house internal systems.
> As a desktop application what it does is not trivial, and I consider it
> as an example that LiveCode is a flexible and powerful system that is
> very productive to work in.

Giuseppe Luigi

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