Post Facto Live LiveCode Code Event #3

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Dec 13 17:23:11 EST 2010

Hi LiveCoders,

Past Saturday, 11 December, we had another successful Live LiveCode Code Event. While a dozen of code monkeys chitchatted about everything LiveCode and many other subjects, we enjoyed 2 interesting presentations. This time, Björnke was unavailable and Mark took the challenge of organising the event.

Judy Perry showed us what she can do with LiveCode as a teacher. I was really impressed how she knows to exploit her tool chest to create useful and instructive examples. She also showed her Bingo game, which her kids really enjoy to play with!

Mark Wieder showed us GLX2, a really cool open-source scripting environment, which replaces LiveCode's built-in script editor and enhances the IDE. Additionally, he gave us a quick preview of his new PowerTools stack. This tool is an alternative for the Tools palette and objects library in one (and probably much more than that, but we only had a quick preview).

As Björnke wasn't around this time, there was no ribbon to raffle off, unfortunately. 

You can watch the video recordings of the two presentations.
Judy's presentation part I:
Judy's presentation part II:
Mark's presentation:

Please, let us know which day suits you best to participate in the live video conferences. You can cast your vote here

I hope to see you all at the event next time. We will be making announcements on this mailing list and at .

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

Economy-x-Talk Consulting and Software Engineering
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