OT: Problems with Inserting Odd Characters into PostGreSQL

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon Dec 13 15:00:56 EST 2010

  I'm a dbase - sql newbie when it comes to actually writing a web front 
end for capturing and inserting data into a database.  I can do code to 
read and use data, no problem, but this is my very first project where I 
actually all on my own without Andre's help, write a front end to accept 

Using revServer I managed to copy some robust escape routines to 
validate and block malicious code (thanks to Rabit - RevIngniter Libraries)

but now I have this problem were people in foreign countries are using 
odd characters and for some reason the INSERT fails..



a word used in a comment: the second character from the last  is a curly 
single possessive apostrophe before "s")...as it ended up in my log file 
where we do capture all the data in a text file... but it broke the 
INSERT, the dbase never got a record...

Another case of a registration from someone in Spain I get this in my 
text log file:

Address1: Avda. Europa 108, Urb. BarcelÛ Blq 11, 7 C
City: M·laga
State: M·laga
Zip: 29003
Country: Spain

but the database insertion fails. Can anyone help me with a LiveCode 
function that will "massage" these characters to escape them and pass 
them to the dbase (PostGreSQL) and be inserted?



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