Various newbie doubts about LiveCode

Andre Garzia andre at
Mon Dec 13 08:24:55 EST 2010


I think Giuseppe is probably building desktop apps because as far as I know
REALStudio does not build server side stuff. Giuseppe, I think LiveCode can
do anything REALStudio can. I am a former REALBasic user (long ago, 2002 or
something) and while I think their product is great, I decided to move to
LiveCode due to the increased productivity.

I've developed many applications using postgreSQL and MySQL and LiveCode,
both server side and client side. I can't show them to you because they are
not mine. Usually I am subcontracted to build a library or webservice while
my contractor is building the main software, so things are not mine to show.

If your need is simply to be able to Query a PGSQL server and process and
present the data. Your needs will be well server and LiveCode deploys on
more platforms than REALStudio so you get some cross-platform bonus in


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