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Sat Dec 11 19:35:33 EST 2010

OK yes, in your case, the image should reside outside the group, and the
sharedText property should be disabled for the field/s.  Cloning the card
should work fine.  Again a strong reason to use groups is because you need
one instance of something across multiple cards, which will work for the

Also keep in mind that if you're building this stack for an end user as a
standalone app, the stack that can add new cards to itself must not be
physically party of standalone, or it will lose all changes when the user
exits the standalone.  To be able to save changes, keep the multi-card stack
external of the mainstack that gets built as a standalone.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

Recently, Scott Pepperdine wrote:

> I was unaware of the group behavior that if I changed the image on one
> card, I would change the image on all cards containing that group.  To
> answer your question, I am after multiple images across multiple cards.
> The user experience I'm after is for the user to click a button "Create
> New card" and go to a new card with an image object and multiple
> fields.  They then import a picture into the image and fill in data to
> the fields.  The picture and the fields remain unique to that card.  If
> I use a clone card command, instead of a background group, will that
> work?  It's either that or use the group thing and script the image into
> a custom property as you suggest.
> On 12/11/2010 1:55 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:
>> Recently, Scott Pepperdine wrote:
>>> The image script is:
>>> on mouseup
>>>      answer file "Select your file:"
>>>      if it is  empty exit to top
>>>      set the filename of image "image" to it
>>> end mouseup
>>> The group script is as follows ( just to prove to me this what was
>>> happening:
>>> on mouseup
>>>      answer "1033"
>>> end mouseup
>>> Thanks all for your efforts.  I think I;ll just ungroup the controls and
>>> create my new cards with 'clone' or some such think, instead of relying
>>> on the background group behavior.
>> I really hope you don't have to dumb down your stack to get the above
>> working.  Let's verify a couple of things:
>> 1) You realize that by putting your image in a group, it's available on all
>> cards that contain that group, yes?  So if you change the image on one card,
>> it will change on all cards that contain that group.  If you want the image
>> to be different across multiple cards, you'll either need to use multiple
>> images (one for each card, not in a common group) or store the image data
>> for each card separately (in custom properties, for example) and load the
>> image data upon opening each card as needed.
>> 2) The most common reason to put an object in a group is to use the same
>> object/script across multiple cards.  Fields within groups have the ability
>> to hold shared data (sharedText enabled) across multiple cards, or to have
>> separate data for each card (sharedText disabled).  Images do not have this
>> ability natively, but you can script it, as explained above.
>> So what exactly are you trying to accomplish?  Multiple images across
>> multiple cards, or one image across multiple cards?
>> Regards,
>> Scott Rossi
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