Something strange with On-Rev

Medard liste.revo at
Sat Dec 11 12:09:17 EST 2010

I encounter a strange thing: at the footer in my web pages, I put a
notice stating the last modification date.

This date is calculated on the server, with a dedicated procedure
(Thanks to Sarah :-))


        -- get the path to the page just loaded
        put $_SERVER["PATH_TRANSLATED"] into tPath
        -- use the ls shell command to get the details for this file
        put shell("ls -l " & quote & tPath & quote) into tListing
        put line 1 of tListing into tFileData

        -- remove the excess data
        delete word 1 to 5 of tFileData
        replace tPath with empty in tFileData
        put word 2 of tFileData into tjour
        put word 1 of tFileData into tmois
        put word 3 of tFileData into tannee
        put "Modif. Medard" && tjour && tmois && tannee


this procedure is called in the footer as an include:

<?rev include "includes/modif.irev" ?>

On the "interior" web pages, the date is OK:

Modif. Medard 30 Nov 2009

But i get this on the home page:

Modif. Medard 11 Dec 10:30


Any idea?
That said, it is only a cosmetic big ;-)
I wonder myself the very same procedure gives two different results,
depending on the position in the directory hierarchy...

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