Peter Haworth pete at
Fri Dec 10 17:42:08 EST 2010

I keep getting a strange message about scripts having been modified in  
another editor when using glx2 - I haven't used the standard IDE  
editor in the same session.  IS this a known issue?

I'm getting another problem if I disable the glx2 editor so I can go  
back into the IDE editor for example if I need to set a break point  
for testing.  Some of the scripts I open in the IDE editor only show  
the first handler.  If I quit LC and start again, all my handlers are  
there but that's kinda scary!

Is there any documentation for glx2 anywhere?  I already like some of  
the obvious features in it but I'm guessing there's other stuff I  
don;t know about.

Pete Haworth

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