Accessing HTTP Web Services with LiveCode

toddgeist toddgeist at
Fri Dec 10 15:24:58 EST 2010


I did a little search of the List Archive, and I can't find anything on the
topic so I thought I would post the question. 

I am trying to understand if LiveCode could be used to access many of todays
plain HTTP based or RESTful web services that are out there. I like using
these services, but I am still not very efficient at building UIs in HTML
/CSS /JavaScript and I am looking to LiveCode as an alternative to building
front ends to HTTP based web services. 

I see lots of stuff on libURL, but I am not clear if libURL allows you to
set headers, and do authentication etc.  Can LiveCode be made to handle
responses asynchronously? 

Its been a while since I have looked in depth at Rev/LiveCode and I am
wondering if it might be time to take another look! 


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