iOS Orientation Problem

Randy Hengst iowahengst at
Fri Dec 10 13:30:21 EST 2010

Hi All,

I'm working with the 4.5.2 livecode and iOS  -- the new integrated version.

I'm having trouble setting the screen orientation. I want the orientation to be landscape right without any change as the device is rotated.

I've set the user interface options to:
---Supported Interface Orientations... Landscape right is the only one checked.
---Initial orientation is set to  Landscape right.

Those settings don't keep the orientation from changing when I rotate a real device.

Those settings don't display my splash screen in landscape mode...

I've also tried placing iphoneLockOrientation in the preopenstack handler...
When including that statement the result depends on the orientation of the real device when I open the app.  
--- If I open the app while holding the iPod Touch in landscape right orientation, the app is first displayed in landscape right, and won't rotate when I rotate the iPod. 
--- However, when I open the app while holding the touch in portrait, the app is shown in landscape right and then immediately rotates to portrait... and won't rotate again.

The addition of the iphoneLockOrientation in the script does not fix the orientation of the splash screen... it is always shown in portrait... so my landscape splash screen is squished and stretched to fit in portrait mode... a portrait version of the splash displays in portrait without squishing and stretching.

I did not have these problems using the alpha plugin and have several apps running on iPods and iPhone 3GS that were made with that plugin. When using the plugin I set the initial orientation to portrait to display the splash screen and then in the preopenstack handler included iphoneRotateInterface  .... which no longer supported. The app then rotates as soon as the splash screen disappears.


take care,
randy hengst

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