lock screen / unlock screen causes livecode to crash?

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 00:30:33 EST 2010

I have an application which works perfectly fine on OS X which is where I do
most of my livecode work.

Having moved it to a Fedora Linux system the same application crashes.

The following code is the culprit since I removed it from the major script
and tested it in a separate button.

When I push the button with just this code in it livecode crashes.

If I put an unlock screen in between the repeats (indicated but is commented
out) and then comment out the last unlock screen it works? But I need the
screen to be locked for both repeats.

local tTemp,tCounter
   put "temp"&&the millisecs into tTemp

   lock screen

   create fld tTemp in grp nr1
   set the opaque of fld tTemp to false
   set the showBorder of fld tTemp to false
   set the bottom of fld tTemp to -30
   repeat with i= the number of imgs down to 1
      if the short name of img i begins with "c_lbl_" then delete img i
   end repeat

   set the bottom of the templateImage to -50

   repeat for each line theLine in tLabels
      add 1 to tCounter
      put theLine into fld tTemp
      set the width of fld tTemp to the formattedwidth of fld tTemp
      set the height of fld tTemp to the formattedheight of fld tTemp
      import snapShot from rect (the rect of fld tTemp) of fld tTemp
      set the name of the last img to ("c_lbl_"&tCounter)
      set the angle of img ("c_lbl_"&tCounter) to 90
   end repeat

   unlock screen

Any ideas?



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