[ANN] LiveCode Competition and Mobile weekend

David Bovill david at opntech.com
Thu Dec 9 15:25:29 EST 2010

Live Code TVs first ever coding marathon takes place this weekend, we are
entering a competition to build a mobile app in a weekend - sponsored by the
Guardian Newspaper. Live Code TV is a community project, run by you - that
is whoever want to take part. Drop by to learn how to make mobile apps, and
better still do some coding or help with some design.

   - Find out more on http://www.livecode.tv/mobile-weekend/

The event is sponsored by the Guardian
Newspapers<http://www.guardian.co.uk/>and their Rewired
State <http://rewiredstate.org/> project, and we will definitely be working
with a number of web services, the My
Society<http://www.mysociety.org/api/>and the Guardian
Open Data Platform<http://www.guardian.co.uk/open-platform/politics-api/getting-started>,
as well a Google Maps, and whatever else we find useful and interesting.
It’s an informal hack – but of course we want to win!

We’ll be starting 10.30 am Saturday morning (GMT) and working through till
the 4pm Show and Tell pitching session, and we’ll be Live Casting as much of
the coding as possible, as well as being on chatrev.

Come the weekend this page will be replaced by a Live Cast video, and we’ll
be putting the code up in and documenting it on a project wiki as we go.
Right now we’re wandering what on earth we will build [image: :)]

These are the challenges we’ve been set:

   1. Reducing digital exclusion
      1. Creating a network of local digital champions
      2. Tools to teach new internet users
   2. Healthy Living Healthy living
      1. Technologies for healthy living
      2. Visualisations for healthy living
   3. Supporting carers
   4. Working differently – Government ‘skunkworks’
      1. Enabling more flexible procurement
   5. Everything else digital

Send us your ideas of what to build, and help us fix bugs. Visit

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