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On 12/8/10 11:30 PM, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> On my current project I have a mainstack and two substacks. I want
> each one to have it's own menu. At one point I managed to do that,
> but now seemed to have lost the appropriate connections.

In the Menu Builder, with your substack frontmost, tick "Set as stack 
Menu bar". That will associate the menu with that stack. Make sure the 
substack is in toplevel mode, just to make sure the Menu Builder sees it.

> Is there
> someplace that these menus are stored where I can reliably reach them
> to make changes?. The Build menu doesn't do this predictably.

Click the Edit button in the Menu Builder. All available groups are 
listed (some won't be menu groups.) Choose the one you want to work with.

> Sometime I get the one I want and sometimes I don't. Also, is there a
> way that we can duplicate the contents of one menu to put into
> another one. A little frustrating as it is now.

Menus are just a group of buttons. In Menu Builder, uncheck "Preview in 
Menu Bar" if it's enabled, that will place your menu group back into the 
stack on OS X. Then you can double-click the button with the edit tool 
and use its property inspector to look at the button contents and copy them.

Or, if you don't want to go through all that, you can do this from the 
message box:

  set the clipboardData to btn "File" of grp "myMenu"

Substitute the name of the menu button you want for the "File" example.

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