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Thu Dec 9 12:20:31 EST 2010

When I was having these issues, it was explained to me that these functions for arrays are a throwback to when Revolution only had simple one dimensional arrays, and that they do not work with the new multidimensional arrays. Bummer, huh?

Some have written some good functions to do what you want, or you can roll your own. 


On Dec 9, 2010, at 8:49 AM, Mike Kerner wrote:

> On one-dimensional arrays, combine seems to work ok, but once I add a second
> dimension things go south.
> So yanking all the other data out and trying to eliminate absolutely
> everything that might do anything, I have
>   put "x" into myArray["1"]["4"]
>   put "y" into myArray["2"]["5"]
>   put "z" into myArray["3"]["6"]
>   combine myArray by "^" and ";"
> The result is 1;^2;^3;
> Can anyone explain this to me?  I was TRYING to make an array of account
> nicknames, usernames, and passwords that I can write to a file, but if I
> can't get the above to work, then I certainly can't get something like
> ["1"]["nickname"] test
> ["1"]["username"] a
> ["1"]["password"] b
> to work
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