Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Thu Dec 9 11:49:26 EST 2010

On one-dimensional arrays, combine seems to work ok, but once I add a second
dimension things go south.

So yanking all the other data out and trying to eliminate absolutely
everything that might do anything, I have

   put "x" into myArray["1"]["4"]
   put "y" into myArray["2"]["5"]
   put "z" into myArray["3"]["6"]
   combine myArray by "^" and ";"

The result is 1;^2;^3;

Can anyone explain this to me?  I was TRYING to make an array of account
nicknames, usernames, and passwords that I can write to a file, but if I
can't get the above to work, then I certainly can't get something like

["1"]["nickname"] test
["1"]["username"] a
["1"]["password"] b

to work

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