Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Wed Dec 8 16:03:29 EST 2010

To activate the Replace buttons you need to choose

Current Tab   or All Tabs  in the drop down, the idea being that  
replace only works with script containers that are open.
To open one, click on then entry in the list.

On my Search Results window I only see an arrow at the top.  The  
bottom one is hidden.
Perhaps you have a preference set to 'both arrows in the same  
location' and that is set to the 'bottom of the scroll' bar, thus  

On Dec 8, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:

> I use the IDE Find/Replace frequently.  It seems there are two  
> different dialogs depending on if you have a script editor window  
> open (I think).  The one I'm talking about comes up when I hit Cmd-F  
> in a script editor window, then click the "More" button.
> I have a couple of problems with this dialog.  It seems to work fine  
> in terms of finding and displaying in the Search results tab.   
> However, nothing I do seems to make the Replace and Replace All  
> button functional - they are always greyed out.  Is that  
> functionality not implemented?
> The other issue is that the Search Results tab never displays any  
> vertical scroll arrows.
> SHould I submit these as bugs or am I missing something?
> Pete Haworth

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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