IDE Save

David C. davidocoker at
Wed Dec 8 14:40:21 EST 2010

> <snip>... I guess the real message is that you can't rely on the IDE to save
> when it should and you have to deal with it however you can.  Personally, I
> think that's a ridiculous situation but it is what it is.

Hello Pete,
One more thing to consider before coming to a negative conclusion about the IDE:

Any time you make property changes using the message box (or through
scripting) instead of using the editor, there is no way for the IDE to
keep track of those changes since they were done through the message
path instead of the IDE.

I'm sure the dev team could easily make the IDE always prompt us,
based on what happens through the property dialogs and/or script
editor, but then we would likely have to give up the functionality of
the message box and wide open message path.

IMO, it's much better for each of us as a whole to become accustomed
to (and responsible for) saving our own work. ;-)

Best regards,
David C.

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