Using arrayencode for revmobile web services

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Wed Dec 8 12:04:12 EST 2010

arrayencode produces binary, you probably in addition need to base64en- / de-code.

On 8 Dec 2010, at 17:49, David Bovill wrote:

> I want to send complex data to a revmobile client. XML is out because that's
> not part of the revmobile client yet I believe (or at least i am assuming
> this has not been brought into the engine). I could use JSON, but as I'v not
> really stress tested teh existing community libraries, I'm thinking the way
> to do it is:
>   1. create to create an iRev script that fetches the xml,
>   2. turn it into an array,
>   3. arrayencode this
>   4. urlencode that
>   5. send to revmobile client
>   6. urldecode and arraydecode in revMobile
>   7. have nice arrays to work with
> It's backwards but i hope you know what I mean. has anyone used arrayencode
> to send stuff over the wire, or know any reason why this should not work?
> Testing now.... but in the process of installing revServer so knwoing that
> this won;t work would, well, change my priorities here?
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