Window Positioning

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at
Tue Dec 7 20:26:30 EST 2010

> From: Peter Haworth
> OK, I understand.  It sounds like I should be specific about the  
> default position where I want each of my windows to appear and then  
> come up with a scheme for the standalone that saves the position of  
> each window when it's closed.  I already have a scheme in place to  
> save other settings in an outboard file because of not being able to  
> save stuff within the standalone so that shouldn't be a big deal.

I don't know if the latest version has solved this, but on the Mac there
used to be a problem with this. If you interrogated the window position and
save it, and then used the same numbers to restore it, the window moved down
by the height of the non-existent menu bar. This is because the window was
initially created with its own menu bar, a la Windows, and then on the Mac
the menu bar was removed and its contents moved to the system menu on the
top of the screen. I never found a bullet-proof solution to this that
properly adapted to variations in menu bar height. Can anyone say if this
issue has been resolved?


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