IDE Save

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Dec 7 20:17:04 EST 2010

I just came across another instance of a pet peeve of mine.  I lost a  
couple of hours of scripting work because for some reason that isn't  
clear to me the IDE doesn't always save everything when you exit.  It  
asked me if I wanted to save and I confirmed that I did, yet a bunch  
of coding changes didn't make it.  The changes weren't in my  
application main stack but in another main stack containing scripts  
that I insert as front scripts.  Both stacks were loaded into memory  
at the time I exited.

I've been aware of save problems like this for a while and try to save  
things manually at regular intervals but didn't do so on this  
occasion.  But really, should a modern day development environment  
allow you to exit without saving your work unless you specifically  
tell it not to?  That seems like a huge bug to me.

Pete Haworth

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