Window Positioning

Peter Haworth pete at
Tue Dec 7 20:06:43 EST 2010

OK, I understand.  It sounds like I should be specific about the  
default position where I want each of my windows to appear and then  
come up with a scheme for the standalone that saves the position of  
each window when it's closed.  I already have a scheme in place to  
save other settings in an outboard file because of not being able to  
save stuff within the standalone so that shouldn't be a big deal.

A lot of this has to do with windows getting hidden behind other  
windows.  I already have a menu that lists all the currently open  
windows so users can easily get to one that is hidden by selecting it  
from the menu but I think attempting to avoid that problem by specific  
positioning would be a good idea.

Pete Haworth

On Dec 7, 2010, at 4:18 PM, Björnke von Gierke wrote:

> stacks save their position and size into themselves when you save  
> them, be it via the save menu or by any other means. Stacks that are  
> a standalone can't save themselves. Other programs use  setting  
> files or the registry to save their window size and positioning  
> between launches.
> Note that the IDE might reposition your stacks, depending on the  
> windowboundingrect which excludes the IDE's menubar, iconbar and the  
> tools palette from the available places for stacks.
> On 7 Dec 2010, at 23:59, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> Given that I  don't provide any coordinates for the window position  
>> when I open a stack, what default position does LC use?
>> My stack windows always seem to open at the same coordinates but  
>> each stack window is at a different location.  If I drag a stack  
>> window to a different location on the screen, close it, then open  
>> it again, it is displayed at its original position, not the one I  
>> dragged it to so it seems like it's my responsibility to record the  
>> window location in those circumstances if I want it to open at the  
>> same location next time around.
>> Pete Haworth
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