iOS pickWheel woes....

Jim MacConnell jmac at
Tue Dec 7 00:30:20 EST 2010

First: 	I love 4.5.2 and the iOS integration.
Second: 	I'm afraid I'm collecting evidence that I am stupid.

I can't get a result from iphonePick or menuPick in the simulator much less on my iTouch. What am I doing wrong?

- - - - -
I'm following the example in revLessons "How do I use the Picker View on an iPhone?"
except I have locked field "AnswerField" with a single name in it and the following script. 
- - - -
on mouseUp
   put field "List Of Data" into listOfData  					-- Load the entire list of names
   put lineOffset (the text of me, listOfData) into curIndex		-- Find the line of the current name
   iphonePick listOfData, curIndex						-- Load picker & highlight current name
      if the result is empty then 							-- Double check something happened
         put "NOPE" into field "AnswerField"
         put the result into field "AnswerField"				-- Put the selection into the field
         end if
end mouseUp
- - - - -

I click on the field to bring up pick wheel and preselect the name currently shown in the field. I "spin" the wheel to select a different name and click "Done". That should return new name or index or something. All I get is a number that happens to be the index of the initial selection (e.g. 4 if the fourth name was selected initially). 

When I use an option  button to try to do the same thing using menuPick, I get a different useless result.. a change in the name of the button but no other actions. It's as though the "Done" part of the iphonePick stopping everything..

Am I missing something? Is this not actually operational yet.. and if not, why oh why did you show it to me....  This is so basic to so much I need to do that I hate having it so close and yet so far. I can add a mouseWithin/mouseWithout type of handler to poll the name of the button but that seems like overkill and probably a bad idea for more reasons than I can imagine......

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