4.5.2 and iOS Deployment launched

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Mon Dec 6 15:07:32 EST 2010

On 06/12/2010 20:05, "Klaus on-rev" <klaus at major.on-rev.com> wrote:

>> 4.5.2 is now available. And LiveCode for iOS is now available!
> Cool, thanks!
> But this reads as if there is a final version (1.0) of the iOS plug in
> available ;-)
>> To download them, please log into your account.
> I only see LC 4.5.2 but no link for the iOS mobile plug in?
> Or did I misunderstand the announcement? I have currently alpha15.
> It would be nice to see the current version somehwere on the webpage!

Its all integrated into 4.5.2. There is no mobile plugin any more, its just
a deployment pack that gets enabled in the main IDE when you have it.

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