Finding local minima and maxima of a graph

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> Subject: Finding local minima and maxima of a graph
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> I have a very large number of graphs to crunch through to find local
> minima and maxima. The data is regularly spaced, which eliminated one
> problem. I know too that the window value used has to be an adjustable
> variable as peak and trough significance may need to be found for a  
> wide
> range of time periods within the data set.
> I had thought of using a moving average to find a slope of zero and  
> then
> use an offset function to find the peak and trough in time.
> I've used stackoverflow to have a look and apparently the problem is a
> lot less trivial than I thought.
> Any suggestions for fitting to a function, using the graphing  
> functions
> in rev, etc would be most welcome.


If the data is "well behaved" you might try just finding out where the  
derivative (slope) changes sign. For example:

function MinMax tList
    put line 1 of tList into yOld
    put 0 into dyOld
    repeat for each line yNew in tList
       put yNew - yOld into dy
       put dy * dyOld into tChange
       if tChange  < 0 or tChange = 0 then
          put yNew & cr after tExreema
       end if
       put ynew into yOld
       put dy into dyOld
    end repeat
    return tExreema
end MinMax

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