How to make a square topped, round rect bottomed graphic?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Dec 4 13:10:33 EST 2010

I remenber PP quite well- and also used it like you describe.
Although, for some reason, I thought PP was written mostly in SC, and
that's why it was so slow. Whatever happened to Christopher Watson?

Also, another bit of nostalgic trivia going on around the same time:

After Charlie Jackson sold SIlicon Beach to Aldus, he took some time
off to compete as a marksman in the Olympics, and when he came back,
he and the original SuperPaint developers, including Jonathan Gay
(remember Laser Bits?) started a new company and invented another
hybrid paint program. This one was all vectors, but you worked with it
just like you would a paint program. You created shapes with brushes
and a paint bucket, and deleted parts of them with an eraser. So cool!
He called it Smart Sketch. He then added animation and called it
FutureSplash. It never really got much traction so he sold it to

They later changed the name to Flash.

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