How to make a square topped, round rect bottomed graphic?

Bob Earp rjearp at
Sat Dec 4 02:21:45 EST 2010

Hey Roger,
Wasn't this the Trace tool in SC ?  You were always impressed with  
that ;-)

Seeing it was in SC, I would have thought somebody that still has SC  
and is a lot brighter than the two of us put together, could "extract"  
and clone the appropriate script.

BTW, what's all of this "Howdy" ?  Methinks you've been spending too  
much time in Montana !!

best, Bob...

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> Howdy,
> One of the things I remember most fondly about SuperCard was its  
> incredible shrinker/expander polygon tool. With this tool it was a  
> snap to surround a group of objects, for example, and the tool would  
> then automatically generate a new polygon that fit tightly around  
> the original group. As an option, this tool could also expand to  
> fill a void.
> I have tried to build such tool in Rev but to no avail. I guess I am  
> too much of an amateur!
> Oh, to have such a tool in Rev/LiveCode!!
> Cheers,
> Roger Guay

Bob Earp
White Rock, British Columbia.

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