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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Dec 3 19:45:26 EST 2010

On 12/2/10 10:27 PM, Mark Smith wrote:
> The path to Notepad4 is: /mark/runrev/stacks/notepad/notepad4. I guess the
> "splash" stack could be anywhere but is currently
> /mark/runrev/stacks/notepad/notepad8/macosx/notepad. Since I think it is
> messy to try and distribute more than 1 file/bundle I guess it would be
> better if Notepad? was located in the Notepad application bundle. Launching
> Notepad would then look insides its bundle to find the current version of
> the notepad code/stack?

Right. It doesn't matter where your mainstack is while developing. When 
you make a standalone a copy will become the standalone. In Standalone 
Settings, point the Stacks pane to your notepad4 stack. When you build, 
it will be placed inside the bundle, in, 
which is right next to the actual executable file.

In your script, change the hard-coded path to one that calculates the 
relative path. This function should work whether your notepad stack is 
opened from the standalone or in the IDE:

funtion getStackPath pFileName -- i.e. "notepad4"
   put the effective filename of this stack into tPath
   set the itemDelimiter to slash
   put pFileName into last item of tPath
   return tPath
end getStackPath

While developing, you need to put your notepad4 stack into the same 
folder as the mainstack that will become the standalone, since the 
function looks in the same folder for the file. In the IDE, that's the 
folder containing the mainstack. In an OS X standalone, it's inside the 
bundle next to the standalone executable. On Windows and Linux, which 
don't have bundles, it's just like in the IDE, and looks for the 
notepad4 stack in the same folder with the standalone.

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