Data Grid Column Alignment

RevList RevList at
Fri Dec 3 01:31:34 EST 2010

I have a data grid with a custom that I set to right align and when I
assign the dgText to this data grid, the column in question is right
However, when I create a function that applies a transformation to that
number and override the default rendering through a column behaviour , the
alignment switches to left align.

I tried set the dgColumnAlignment["Distance"] of group "dgMileageLog" to
"right" but nothing changes.
The properties on that column are set to right align.

All values in the column are 2 decimals so I want them to align to the
right so that the decimals line up.

Is there something that can be done about this besides using the technique
in the Rev lessons for aligning decimals in a column.  (Which didn't work
for me BTW).
A simple right align is all I need, but it isn't working.

Thanks in advance for any solution.


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