Part II of Re: On-Rev Web Form Dropping Data

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Thu Dec 2 17:41:50 EST 2010

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I posted a long question (sorry about that) concerning data lost from a web form submitted through my On-Rev site, where two students appear to have submitted quiz answers from the same IP address at virtually the same time.  Bob Sneidar replied asking whether I had accounted for the possibility that more than one person could sign on to my site from the same IP, and I had said that I have not prohibited that.

Well, I have since spoken to the students who submitted blank quizzes, and it turns out that they live together, share a wireless network, and each has her own computer.  This probably means that they have their router set to share a single IP address or some such thing.  I guess what I should do is revise by sign-in script to disallow multiple sign-ins from the same IP.



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