[ANN] Live LiveCode code event nr. two

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Thu Dec 2 13:21:55 EST 2010

Dearest scripters

This Saturday the streamed insanity continues! More! Better! Ribbon!

We (Yes, we're a 'we' now!) even got a new cozy place. But beware, it's not furnished yet. The hauling truck is scheduled to arrive on friday evening:


Times (two hours later then last time):
Zurich: 20:00
Buenos Aires: 16:00
New York:  14:00 
San Francisco: 11:00
Sydney: 06:00

We have more topics and more presenters (note to self: fix to represent reality):

- Bjoernke will steal an idea from the use list and present various entry-restricted fields.
- David will show how to create iPhone GUIs using pre-made groups of objects.
- Mark will create a simple socket tutorial, and present his installer plugin.

Like last time, the real deal is when you join ChatRev and demand weird things from the presenters. Like for example, that we explain how to start LiveCode. 

Ok, now _that_ is a horrible question. See how boring we are? We desperately need your ideas!

At any time (or the time mentioned above), join here:
go stack URL "http://bjoernke.com/chatrev/chatrev1.3b3.rev"

Meanwhile, we've got homework for y'all. The Question is: When to do future shows, assuming we do them weekly? Please vote on your preferred show-day (Vote not applicable to next show):


Have Fun!


official ChatRev page:

Chat with other RunRev developers:
go stack URL "http://bjoernke.com/chatrev/chatrev1.3b3.rev"

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