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Mike Bonner bonnmike at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 12:16:28 EST 2010

I've done so, both from scratch as well as using a barebones. The issue with
barebones is many times you'll end up with parts you don't want.  For
example an underpowered or less well known to be reliable power supply.  The
right barebones can save you time, the wrong one can end up costing you
money. My preferred method is from scratch, and if I ever end up with a
windows machine again will most likely build one.
Make sure you factor in OS cost while at it, sometimes you can find a
pre-built system with os, that is very comparable in price and spec to the
one you're building.  It has always seemed to me that your savings is higher
if you're trying to put together as you say a 'beefy' system than if you're
trying to build your own commodity system.
Also be aware that toms hardware is your friend for sorting out hardware

Strangely enough, my only other real recommendation is get a good case with
adequate labeling, as well as good hardware mounting systems. If your eyes
are as bad as mine are (the price of getting old) having wires labeled can
make things go nice and smooth, and having a case design that doesn't
require you to be a convolutionist, or require a strict build order also can
ease difficult.  Finding out that you should have hooked up this, before
installing that can be a real annoyance. I suspect cases are far better
designed across the board today than the used to be but still something to
be aware of.

Oh ok, and last last thing, research cooling performance on the stock cpu
cooler, as well as finding a case that has good airflow, and if necessary
adjust and buy and aftermarket cpu cooler, or different case or.. I'm
partial to heat pipe type coolers myself, but thats just me.  Oh, and
assuming its still the current king, (and you decide to swap coolers) get
some arctic silver 5. It's good stuff.  If there is something better than
that now, I'd be interested to learn of it too of course.

On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 9:43 AM, Richard Gaskin
<ambassador at fourthworld.com>wrote:

> I was looking for a beefy quad core system and my brother convinced me that
> the cost savings and customizability makes it well worth the time to
> assemble the parts.
> So I'm curious:  How many of you here have built your own computers? Did
> you go with a barebones, or do it from scratch?  Did you go with Intel or
> AMD, and why?
> I'm leaning toward AMD myself given what appears to be an excellent
> price/performance value, and will likely build from scratch because I'm
> picky about the case.
> Seems a surprising number of people I know build their own systems, kinda
> makes me wonder why I ever bought an off-the-shelf PC.
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