[OT] Custom computers

Warren Samples warren at warrensweb.us
Thu Dec 2 12:15:38 EST 2010

On Thu, 2010-12-02 at 08:43 -0800, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> So I'm curious:  How many of you here have built your own computers? 
> Did you go with a barebones, or do it from scratch?  Did you go with 
> Intel or AMD, and why? 

Hi Richard,

I have just put together a computer. It's my third one and by far the
most ambitious as far as performance goes. The first two were mostly
about saving money. 

It's not hard at all! I picked the parts rather than buying a kit. This
offers the advantage of allocating your resources in a way that can
better match your needs. I matched a fast CPU, high quality motherboard,
and a substantial power supply with a modest but very adequate, for me,
graphics card. Most prebuilt systems or barebones kits scale all their
components equally, but that would have had me spending money (probably
lots!) on a graphics card I don't need or left me with some combination
of lower spec'd CPU, lesser mobo and/or (potentially) unreliable power
supply. I have a machine that performs fantastically, runs cool and
should live a very long time.

I buy most of my stuff from TigerDirect but the CPU and CPU cooler I got
from eBay. I chose in Intel i7 quad in the 1366 socket. I didn't really
look at AMD this time, although my first two machines were both AMDs.
Look for rebates and specials!

I'm running Linux Mint 64 bit with dual monitors and have Windows 7 and
Snow Leopard running inside VirtualBox. All very sweet! I like it :)


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