How to make a square topped, round rect bottomed graphic?

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Thu Dec 2 08:19:08 EST 2010

--- On Thu, 12/2/10, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
> Thanks Jan - intrigued, got mine
> working using the scrolling technique.
> Can't do individual corners that are rounded only
> individual corners that
> are square at the moment - I'll take a look at your
> technique and borrow the
> best bits :)
> NB - I'll demo this on the weekend together with other
> Datagrid like groups
> that I've collected or created. Would be great to have your
> input!

In theory, if you have two inner 'rectangle' groups, you have enough to cover all situations, including diagonally opposing round corners, simply by changing the rect of their clipping groups.
Beacause all inner overlay graphics have the same rect, you can set the same gradient on each, and the same graphic effects; and all transitions remain smooth, through the clipping mechanism.
The beauty of this approach is that it's relatively straightforward to implement - it sure beats trying to calculate the corner points for a single 'curve' graphic :-)

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