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Mark Smith Mark_Smith at cpe.umanitoba.ca
Wed Dec 1 21:18:49 EST 2010

Hi Jacqueline, or anyone who care to tackle this,

I have a similar situation... a main "splash" exe and then my real application stack in a substack (because I want to be able to save to it). The idea of creating
a mainstack.app where everything is located together sounds like a great idea (I've just looked inside a commercial app called Perfect Diet Tracker and it uses
this technique with all kinds of stuff inside including data, externals, database drivers, images, all in 1 little tidy bundle). I have 2 questions:

1. is the process of creating something like this "integrated folder" documented somewhere (and apologies if I read it many times in the User Guide and just not recognized it... 
so I guess part 2 is: does it go by a specific name in the User Guide?)

2. In my current implementation I just have the stack location hard coded into the splash... obviously not very flexible. Are there better ways of finding and accessing
things (and commands to do this) if you create an "integrated folder". 

Thanks a bunch

-- Mark

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On 12/1/10 5:45 PM, Ton Cardona wrote:
> Dear friends,
> what I still do not understand, in spite of your kind reactions and
> hints, is why, after compiling, I get a stack.exe and a substack.rev
> in Windows (both working perfectly), but only a mainstack.app in
> Mac.

On a Mac, what looks like an application is actually a folder. It just
looks like a file in the Finder. But if you right-click on it and choose
"Show package contents" you will see that it is a folder with quite a
few files and subfolders inside it. That's where your second stack is,
probably inside the MacOS subfolder.

> As to the error reports, they do not seem to be related:
> 141,91,17 465,91,1
> that is, "string is not compressed data", which it certainly is both
> in Windows and in Mac (before compiling).

This probably isn't related to your file structures. I saw that error
once a long time ago, when I compressed data on one OS and tried to
decompress on a different one. But it was quite a while ago and I can't
remember now exactly why it happened. Are you doing anything like that?

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