Compiling problems redux

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Dec 1 19:06:01 EST 2010

Hi Ton, is a folder! Right-click on it and choose "Show Packet Contents" from the popup menu. You should find your substack if you dig deeper in the nested folders inside

You may *think* that you are decompressing compressed data, but if Rev tells you it isn't compressed, then there is a problem with the data for sure. You might want to add a few checks, e.g. to make sure that the variable is not empty and that it actually contains the data you expect it to contain. You might write the data to a file right before executing the decompress function and check what is in that file.

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On 2 dec 2010, at 00:45, Ton Cardona wrote:

> Dear friends,
> what I still do not understand, in spite of your kind reactions and hints, is why, after compiling, I get a stack.exe and a substack.rev in Windows (both working perfectly), but only a in Mac.
> As to the error reports, they do not seem to be related:
> 141,91,17
> 465,91,1
> that is, "string is not compressed data", which it certainly is both in Windows and in Mac (before compiling).
> I believe this is quite odd and look forward to your insights.
> Cheers to you all,
> Ton

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