How to make a square topped, round rect bottomed graphic?

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Dec 1 14:52:12 EST 2010

Recently, Bob Sneidar wrote:

> I think we are up against one of the limitations of LiveCode, which is complex
> graphics. I am not one who would lobby for support of complex graphics,
> because I think the limited resources of the LiveCode development team can be
> better put to use elsewhere. Just my humble opinion. I do think however that
> complex graphics support is one of the hardest things to implement in any
> application. Let's suppose LiveCode gave us this kind of vector graphics
> rendering. Why not 3D modeling next? And if that, then how about 3D animation?
> I was just remarking to one of my IT people that a certain person we both know
> never really gets anything done because they took on too much in the
> beginning, and now are strung out trying to do it all. I hope LiveCode
> developers do not ever find themselves in this position.

I will counter your argument and say better (not necessarily complex)
graphics are in fact needed.  One of the most important features needed
right away (actually for years now) is sub-pixel positioning of objects.
This capability would make for smoother, better looking graphics, better
rotation of objects, and potentially better looking text.

If sub-pixel positioning was available, manually creating curves
point-by-point, even though tedious, would look much better.  The current
full pixel coordinate system for points is too chunky.

While 3D is it's own area of challenge, a LiveCode solution already exists
for this -- Franklin3D.


Scott Rossi
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Tactile Media, UX Design

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