How to make a square topped, round rect bottomed graphic?

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Wed Dec 1 13:04:19 EST 2010

This is rhetorical, but I wonder if the issue is that the engine cannot render such an object, or that there are no tools capable of making one natively. If it is only the latter, then maybe a good future enhancement would be the ability to import eps vector objects. That way you could make what you wanted in something like Illustrator and then import it. 

If it did not need to remain a vector graphic, then it seems you could draw anything in an illustration app and then export it as a png. But you already knew that. 


On Dec 1, 2010, at 9:52 AM, Harald Müller wrote:

> If you want to be flexible, you could place a circle with the desired radius at each corner (or a square if wanted) and then draw a polygon from the relevant points (from the middle top of the circle at the topleft to the middle top of circle at topright and so on). The resulting group of elements could have a different radius at each corner if wanted. This would work for plain colors.
> To get a border for this group you could duplicate the group with the desired border color, resize it and place it behind the first group.
> No gradients possible with this solution, as far as I see.
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