video corrupted when downloaded from server

tareq_tawaiha tareq_tawaiha at
Tue Sep 29 11:38:10 EDT 2009

I am trying to download ".avi" videos from a ftp server. When i use an ftp
client like "filezilla" , i can download any avi and no problems occur.
However when i try to download it using RunRev it gets corrupted. It either
plays the video choppy , with green screen, with no screen, with a black
background or with audio only.  

The avi files i am testing with are no larger than 10 MB, this number might
go up to 50 MB . 

here is the code i am using 

put fld "ftp folder" of card "ftpcommandG" of stack "studentWork" into
(this will put the server connection 

 if tFile ends with curTimeT&".avi" then
         put tFile into tMovieFileName
         put tServer & tMovieFileName into tServerPath
         put tFolder &tMoviefilename into tFolderPathMovie
         put URL tServerPath into URL tFolderPathMovie
         wait for messages

the movie file does get downloaded, but problems occur when trying to play
it.  I also tried the libURLDownloadToFile
downloadURL,filePath[,callbackMessage] and it would not download anything or
give back a call message. 

I uploaded 2 images and an example of a corrupted .avi 

I created these movies using runrev, and they upload to a server with no
problems, only upon downloading them do they get corrupted.
9.28.20099.28.2009+14-21-03.avi <spaaaaaaace> <spaaaaaaace> <spaaaaaaace>

anyone have an idea of why this is happening or has a suggestion for a
different method of download the files ?
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