StandAlone - where is the stack window?

Jim Bufalini jim at
Mon Sep 28 23:36:17 EDT 2009

Mike Arnold wrote:

> Ok, finally back at Revolution, glad to be back, it really is fun.
> Using Revolution Enterprise 4.0.0-dp-4 Build 910 on Max OS/X 10.5.8,
> Intel.
> Writing a little app to produce a Eudora -ike Filter Report for Apple
> Mail.  I hate to give up Eudora, but Apple is adding more and more
> native, integrated function and Eudora proper is no more and becoming
> more incompatible. Growl doesn't quite do what I want.
> When mail is acted on via a rule, it invokes an applescript that sends
> a message to the stack that indicates the destination mailbox.  The
> stack has a script that wakes up every 20 seconds to check if its been
> at least 20 seconds since the last message was filtered and if there
> are any updated mailboxes.
> This all works fine when under the development environment, but when I
> generate a standalone application, the window doesn't appear
> anywhere.  The application starts and has its application menu, but no
> stack window.
> Only the stack script has any code ...  there are a few functions and
> message handlers (one called from applescript) and the following:
> on startup
>     InitAll
>     repeat
>        wait for 20 seconds with messages
>        CheckCounts      --decides if/when to print the list of
> affected mailboxes
>     end repeat
> end startup
> Any ideas what I have done wrong?  Do I need to do something else to
> get the window to appear?

What exits your repeat loop? Just curious. ;-) Other than this, if it runs
in the IDE but not in a standalone, then I would guess that there is an
include missing. In your Standalone Settings, do you have Search for
required Inclusions... checked, or Select inclusions...? If you put a beep
in your repeat loop, do you hear constant beeps? If you create an *on
openStack* handler and put a put to the message box, does it show up in the
message box? If the answer to any of the above is no, check for a missing

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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