syntax options for reading array properties

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Sunday, September 27, 2009, 10:11:18 AM, you wrote:

> Looking into the RQCC this morning I found an excellent discussion on
> this by Mark Waddingham in in request submitted by Björnke:
> <>

Thanks for pointing this one out. I added votes as well.

> While I was there I added a request to solve the bloat problem with keys
> of sub-arrays within a parent array in which all of the sub-arrays use
> the same key names:
> <>

I like the idea of a struct-like assembly, but wouldn't the same thing
be accomplished by using numeric constants (and possibly faster, if I
understand the way the numeric arrays work):

constant kName = 1
constant kParty = 2
constant kAddress = 3
-- etc

put "R" into member[kParty]

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