syntax options for reading array properties

David Bovill david at
Sun Sep 27 04:22:52 EDT 2009

2009/9/26 Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>

> Is there any trick to using customProperties[<arrayNotation> to access
> nested array elements in an object?

No. As far as I understand it the new nested array data structure uses
arrayencode / arraydecode internally and this adds the speed hit. For that
reason, and others I've moved over to using getprop / setprops together with
script locals to store nested arrays. These are then loaded I think when the
stack (or card / object) is loaded so you get the speed increases and the
same syntax.

> If not, anyone here know if RunRev plans to support such syntax in the
> future?
> If there's an RQCC request for this please post the URL so I can add some
> votes to it.  If not I'll submit one.

Good idea.

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