File Types and Creator Codes

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Fri Sep 25 19:43:48 EDT 2009

> As far as I'm aware, there is currently *no* option in the UTI scheme to set
> the default opening application individually on a per-file basis - just
> per-extension.
> If you want some of your .rev files to open in Rev and some to open in your
> own app by default then in Snow Leopard you will have to manually set the
> default app for those files in the Get Info window of the Finder.
> In other words UTIs *would* be superior if they could fulfil the old
> functionality as well as expanding it.

My reading of the Roughly Drafted article, is that the UTIs will have
all the abilities of creator codes on a per file as well as file
extension basis. The article is re-printed at Apple Insider
where they have the images large enough to read. There is a good one
on page 3 showing a hierarchy of file usages.

Since this (like creator codes) depends on software developers setting
up the right links, we need the RunRev standalone builder to start
giving us the option to define a UTI for our apps, as well as, or
instead of a creator code & file type.


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