[OSX] mouse & keyboard 'bug' in OSX 10.5

Jim Ault jimaultwins at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 25 16:40:17 EDT 2009

Over the last several months, my system 10.5 seems to get into a mode  
that ignores the number pad keys on the extended keyboard.

Beyond that, when I do try to use the number pad, nothing gets entered  
into a word processor or spreadsheet, or anything, THEN the mouse down  
does not select menus including the Apple menu to restart the machine,  
etc, etc.

Fix: since the mouse won't work,  go to spotlight (cmd-spacebar) enter  
"Use keypad instead of mouse"
and note the top radio buttons that show Mouse Keys ON

-1- if the checkbox named "Press the Option key..." is ON, then press  
it 5 times
-2- If that checkbox is OFF, then use the power button to restart your  
computer.  You now have mouse control again, so use the mouse to turn  
Mouse Keys OFF.

-3- also turn OFF the checkbox for "Press the Option key 5 times..."

What a pain...  it just happens every 5-6 weeks.
I had to restart my computer and lose about an hour's work.
This is the reason... OSX 10.5

Now I know.  Last January I tossed a keyboard thinking it had bit the  
That would make a total of 2 keyboards and a hub, about $180, over the  
last year.

It could be I pressed the option key 5 times and did not realize it...  
highly unlikely.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas 

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