Running a stack from the On-Rev server.

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Tue Sep 22 06:42:39 EDT 2009

Hi from Paris,

I have a Revolution demonstration program that I want to show to  
potential buyers. The demo stack is called by a Mac or PC SplashStack,  
so I effectively have two stacks.
I could send it by CD, but this takes time, but it would be so nice to  
allow them to download it from my On-Rev server. The program displays  
lots of text and graphics (all internal), so no problem there,  
However, the user can play any of a large number of MP3 song files,  
which are in an external (to the Rev program) folder, also on the  

Can I play an MP3 file in the user computer from a folder on the On- 
Rev server, or download it (about 5 megs) first, and then play it ?

Because this would make all of our song files available (not very  
intelligent), I would like to modify my splashstack to ask for a  
password, and only download the music to accepted users.

And finally, how does the user download my program (Mac or PC version)  
from the On-Rev server ? It might seem easy to some of you, but I've  
never done this before !!

This represents rather a lot of questions, but if I get answers here,  
I promise to go away and not bother you guys for a long time :>)

May I add that these are the sort of answers which I would love to  
find in a Rev cook-book.

OSX Leopard, Rev 3.0, build 750, On-Rev access.


"Nothing should ever be done for the first time !"

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