mouseRelease in Rev 4.0

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Mon Sep 21 23:21:47 EDT 2009

I am working on an app that allows users to drag across a series of
controls in order to operate on each one in turn when the mouse button
comes up.
I build a list of the selected controls by checking the mouseMove
messages and on a mouseRelease (since the mouse pointer is no longer
over the object that received the mouseDown), I loop through the list
of selected controls and do what I need.
This is working perfectly in Rev 3.0 & 3.5.
In Rev 4.0, it's as if the mouseRelease message is only sent
sometimes. especially, it doesn't seem to happen if I move too fast,
but if I drag, then hover over the last control for a bit, then it

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?
And if so, is there a work-around?

I need to re-write the code to take advantage of behaviors. Doing
things a different way may avoid the problem, but it would be nice to
solve anyway.


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